Uday Samudra is a lifetime passion, which will be etched in the memory of honeyUday Samudra, kovalam beach, kerala, indiamooners, holidaymakers, tan-seekers and peace lovers. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and set against the backdrop of rustic and modern life, the beachside resort is a heavenly getaway for anyone touring God’s Own Country( Kerala, India). In this beauty spot where tranquility and merriness co-exist, you find traditional hospitality in its acme. 

While you warm up your body and bosom in the shining sun, the enthralling sight of fishermen rowing their dugouts out to sea and pulling in their nets by hand will regale you. Now, you can make a nosedive into the fresh water swimming pool to keep your head and body cool. Well-furnished room for a comfy stay, multi-cuisine restaurant catering to international palate, well-equipped conference hall, cultural extravaganza and a lot more lie in store for you that will throw you into raptures… 

The Resort overlooking the blue beach

Uday Samudra, kovalam beach, kerala, india Beaches have always been a fascination for the mankind. Like a beautiful lady, she enchants you... like a loving mother she also consoles you ... The varying tint of the beach evokes in you different moods. Sometimes it acts as a sedative, sometimes as a stimulant and sometimes as an inspiration. If there is an ideal getaway very much near to the beach, don’t you wish you had come there?. Then, Uday Samudra beach hotel is the most apt place you would ever choose! It is where you would feel the real magic of Kovalam, without being really to Kovalam

Where is this?

Believe it, this mesmerizing destination lies on your way to Kovalam, just 700 metres away from Vellar Junction. The resort is located by the side of Samudra beach, which is a part of renowned Kovalam beach. The beach is just 50 yards away from the hotel. Trivandrum International airport is 15kms away and the Railway station, 13 kms. 

Uday Smaudra- The Epitome of traditional Hospitality 

Once you alight form your vehicle at Uday Samudra, you will come to realize that there is a lot to see, a lot to do, here. You are let into this paradise through a majestic fort. Swaying coconut palms on eitherUday Samudra, kovalam beach, kerala, india sides seems to be bowing their heads as if in respect for you. You walk in to the entrance, where you will see beautiful smiling faces welcoming you, upholding the tradition of unique hospitality of this God's Own Land. Next you saunter into the lush green lawn, which has at its center a vivacious swimming pool. You walk again a few yards and you will find yourself facing the silvery sand spread and endless blue sea. 

Nearby, you would also spot fishermen’s hamlet, on coconut palm-fringed sea shores.. You could watch the sons of the sea swimming and going into the risky deep sea, wielding fishing nets to keep the hearths warm. Here is where the rustic life and urban life blend. The delicious food that keeps you drooling, cozy and classy rooms for a comfy sojourn, and a lot more are again there to keep you in upbeat mood. If you are in blues, in no time it will vanish, for there is nothing to beat the blue of the sea, which keeps on beckoning you to explore her more and more.

Uday Samudra Beach Hotel, Samudra Beach, G.V. Raja Road,
 Kovalam – 695 527, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

For Reservations send E-mail: udaysamudra@kovalamhotels.com

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